When To Replace External Door Locks

External Door Locks Change Kettering

When To Replace External Door Locks

External Door Locks Change Kettering

The amount of protection door locks on external doors provide our homes form unwanted intruders is often taken for granted, our doors are our first line of defence against would be burglars so it is important to ensure that the locks are all in good working order and are as secure as they can be. If your lock has been compromised in some way or is just showing some signs of wear and tear, then it should be a priority to have them changed or even upgrades as soon as possible. Below our team at Wilson’s Independent Locksmiths have put together a handy guide of things you should be aware of that show your locks are ready to be changed.

Signs Door Locks Need Replacing

Wear and Tear – Like everything else, locks are susceptible to wear and tear. Over time the frequent use of a lock causes it to naturally wear, in turn leaving the lock weak and much less secure. If you notice any obvious signs of damage to your locks such as rust, then it is definitely time to have your locks changed.

Lost or Stolen Keys – This is one of the most common reason for people calling out a locksmith. If you have lost your keys or fear, they may have been stolen then not only do you have to think about gaining entry to your property, but you also have to consider changing the locks. This is because you can’t be sure who may have found your keys and what they are planning to do with them. The last thing anyone wants is a burglar having easy access to their home and leisurely help themselves to all their belongings.

Moved Home – You should always consider having the locks changed when you move into a new property. This is because you can’t be sure how many copies of the keys are still in circulation from previous occupants. So, it is always best to have the locks changed so that you can be sure that you and your family are the only ones that have keys to your new property. This also applies if some one is moving out of your property be it a Tennent or a lodger.

Break-In – If your property has been broken into then changing the locks should be a top priority. If any locks have been damaged during the beak – in, then leaving them can leave your home vulnerable to another break in. Also, whoever broke into your home could have found a spare key and plan to use it at a later date. By having your locks promptly changed you can feel safe in the knowledge that you have put steps in place to prevent a future break-in.

If you’re having problems with your door locks or would like them upgrading so they are more secure, contact Wilson’s Independent Locksmiths Kettering today on 01536 292 293


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