Frozen Door Locks

Frozen Door Locks

frozen door locks

Being locked out of your property because of frozen door locks is incredibly frustrating, being locked out of your property when you have your keys is even more so! If you find that you are left stood outside your property in the freezing cold because your door lock has frozen so your key doesn’t work, then this handy guide will be of use to you.

During the freezing winter months, it is fairly common for a door lock to freeze, which when it happens to you is very frustrating. With this said, as tempting as it is it is important not to try and force the key as this could lead to the key snapping in the lock causing further problems for yourself.

Unfreezing Your Door Lock

Unfreezing your door lock can be a relatively simple process and you may find that a lot of the things you can use to defrost it you either already have on you or can be found in your garage or shed! You can find a list of things to defrost your door lock below:

  • Hand Sanitiser – Hand sanitiser often contains alcohol, and this is the key ingredient to melting the ice within your lock. If you pour hand sanitiser on your key and put it on the lock itself then gently move the key in and out of the lock to loosen it. You will eventually be able to turn the key and unlock your door.
  • Lighter – If you have a cigarette lighter on your person you can use it to warm the key, then carefully slide it in and out of the lock until it thaws. If you are attempting this method after the alcohol hand gel, then you should proceed with caution as alcohol is a flammable substance.
  • De-Icer – If you drive then it is likely that you have a can of de-icer lying around. Simply spray the de-icer on the lock and key, wait a couple of minutes then gently try the key until you gain entry to your property.
  • Your Hands – You can use your thumb to try and thaw the lock and warm the key with your hands, this may be enough to thaw the lock and allow you to gain entry to your property.
  • Hairdryer – If any of your neighbors are home you may be able to borrow a hairdryer and extension cable to thaw the lock and warm your key to allow you to get into your property.
  • Locksmith – If you have attempted all of these methods and still not managed to gain entry to your property then you should call out a locksmith as there may be more than just a frozen lock stopping you gaining entry to your property. You should also call a locksmith if you have forced your key too much and it has broken off in the lock, they will be able to come and extract it for you and help you gain entry to your property.

If you are having problems with your door lock or have broken your key in the lock, then contact Wilson’s Independent Locksmiths today – 01536 292293





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